The biggest myths about writing

Writing is not hard, but it does take a lot of work to get something from it. There are a lot of myths about writing, that up until recently, I thought they were true. Turns out, that most people that write for a living, take their job so seriously, they forget how to write for the fun of it. Making money from your work is not hard, but you have to know the basics which include sentences with these words at the beginning: Who, What, where, and when!

Once people have answered questions that start out with these words, most of them have a pretty good idea of how to start working and how to make money writing. The biggest myth that I have encountered online, is that people have to write well, or know a specific subject well enough to make a descent living.. Thats not it at all. Knowing about a subject certainly helps, but it is not everything. I’ve been working non-stop on three blogs on my own, and to my surprise, they’ve done fairly well! So, as far as myths go, here are some of the ones that I dont think about so much, and writers shouldn’t take them so seriously!

  • Stick to a Niche- Yes and no! I own two blogs, and although I know a lot about the topics that I write about like Money and family, I dont always just stick to these subjects. Sometimes, I just write about what I did during the day, and I have people commenting on my work, like my day was so important. Its actually kind of amusing! Although people should have a topic in mind, writers in the making should also understand that in order to attract eye balls to your blog, you have to make it interesting!
  • Grammar and punctuation- Now, this topic is a hard one for me to talk about, because i’ve been constantly criticized for my bad grammar and my constant Oppsies online. But, lets think about it: When I write properly for clients and other businesses, I feel like I get the job, and I make the money, but then I’m left thinking: Now what? Off to another job?? When I write for fun, and I dont really care much about grammar, I get twice as much attention online, and my earnings on adsense actually DOUBLE! This means that even though people are not a fan of my work, well, at least my work is being read.
  • You can’t re-use your articles!- I actually tried this one, and it turns out that it is possible for people to re- use their article on various sites, to make extra money. Although I am doing this, I do also believe that original content is best. But, lets face it, hundreds of writers continuously write about the same topic, or something related to the best topic to make money. Why? Simply, because it works, and it is a gold mine! But it does not mean that other topics wont be read as well. I make money from Triond, Hubpages, and as of recently, Bukisa. Do I re-use my articles? Yes, but I do also write in orginal content!
  • You can’t make a lot of money in content mills- I laugh at this one, because it is not true! The reason why content mills exist (triond, hubpages, associated content, Helium) is because writers CONTRIBUTE to the sites on a regular basis! Yes, it is NOT the only way to earn money, but thats only because many, many writers do not take the time to actually get to know the site. I make enough money from Hubpages ALONE! I write for the other sites on my spare time because I love to write. I still however, work for private clients, but I dont as much, because I feel as if I dont have as much freedom with them.

So, there! Here are some of the myths that I’ve been researching, and my results!

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