Making a Compelling Case – 3 Tips to Enhance the Marketing Appeal of Your Case Study


A case study is a wonderful marketing tool, which lets you show how clients have successfully deployed your product or service. However, making a compelling case requires a well-defined strategy. This article suggests three tips, which can enhance the marketing effectiveness of your next case study.

1. Deploy A little Profiling

The negativity ascribed to profiling in the context of criminal investigations and security screening does not necessarily represent the sum total of the application of profiling. Consumer profiling has consistently served as a powerful tool in product advertising. The simple reason is that creative consumer profiling uses marketable behavioral patterns to create better matches between products and their prime buyers.

The same technique is applicable to case study writing. Done right, it ensures that the resulting content resonates with the target readers. How does it work? Essentially, you use profiling to decide the choice of success stories that meet a set of internally defined criteria. A few examples of criteria to consider include:

  • Productivity gains (work performance)
  • Customer satisfaction indicators
  • Employee satisfaction measures
  • Savings in time and costs
  • Revenue growth indicators
  • Loss prevention stats
  • Reduction in downtime

By including success measures associated with the experience of your featured client, you provide the reader with something tangible to aspire to.


Positive feedback from your clients builds the credibility of your business. It makes sense to leverage some of that goodwill into your marketing strategy by creating compelling case studies around strategically selected clients and topics. Using the simple tips suggested in this article will help you improve the marketing appeal of your success stories.

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