Favorite topic to research and write about

Research and writing is a vast field of work action, spanning over many, many borders, topics, analysis and disciplines. A good researcher and/or writer should not put a cap on his level of intellect and limit himself to a particular set of subjects but leave the door wide open.

I don’t have favorite topics to research and/or write about. Apart from say specialized topics in science, which I tend to steer away from, I like to write about any topic that is of interest and has value to the general public at the time of writing. So when you write just ask to yourself what is most interesting at this particular point in time?

And this is vast because knowledge, news, happenings, developments is occurring all the time. As a writer, you have the luxury to write about and research any topic that is within your competencies that includes politics, economics, culture, society and more.

These maybe human interest stories, and include features, profiles analysis, issues that affect everyone which means someone, somebody out there would be interested in reading your material. The field is wide open, you just need what is known the nose.

Again, putting the actual disciplines aside like politics as a science of study, economics as well, sociology, even physics, mathematics, music and so on, there is still a lot of leeway in approaching different subjects and discussing it in an intelligible way so the layman can understand. The beauty of writing lies in picking these topics off their pedestals down to the level of laymen.

That of course depends on the level of research you are involved in, how many people you speak to, are they specialists, looking at different books, research papers, internet search, and so on.

In the final analysis it is the extent of the use of these elements that will "flower" your topic and make people read it because the more research you do, the better the content and the writing style becomes.

And that includes many different topics which a good writer should aim to attack.

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