SEO Tips For Writing And Publishing Recipes Online

Some recipes do better than others.

Some recipe hubs do better than others.

Some recipe hubs get a lot of Google traffic.

This hub is specifically written for people who publish recipes on Hubpages and other online medium. This hub is written for those who want to increase organic traffic to their recipes and perhaps gain some recognition on HP or followers to their blogs in the process.

There have been a lot of speculation about recipe hubs being featured as "Hub of the Day" and I am here to say that it’s not just the uniqueness of the recipe that makes the hub stand out but the quality of the hub itself.


Here is a little personal story

When I first joined HP I wrote cooking lessons, then later on I posted recipes. After a while those hubs would stop getting views. I had decided not to post recipes anymore until I came upon a forum post where a very special hubber said her recipes did well.

I didn’t copy her style, I decided to create my own style because whenever I try to imitate something or someone I always make an *ss of myself. It wasn’t hard to do my recipe hubs the way I wanted them and I had a lot of fun. So I will tell you what I have done not only to capture the attention of HP viewers but organic traffic as well. Around 80% of my traffic are to my recipes.

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