How to Prepare for the GED Essay Test

The essay portion of the General Education Development (GED) Language Arts test presents the biggest obstacle for many people. The test taker must write a 200 word essay in 45 minutes. While this can be intimidating, you can pass the essay test successfully if you prepare using the following tips.

Tip #1: Don’t Start Writing Immediately

It is really important that you don’t rush through the instructions. Spend time to thoroughly read your essay question. Then, spend a few minutes to think about your answer. If you are unclear about what you want to say, create a story web to organize your thoughts. Don’t start writing without a plan because you could find yourself rambling on. Remember, the goal is to demonstrate that you can present your ideas in an organized and clear manner.

Remember that you are assigned to write a 200 word essay. Nobody really expects you to write exactly 200 words so a few more or a few less words are not going to affect your score. However, if your essay turns out to be significantly over or under 200 words, your scored could be affected.

Tip #5: Practice! Practice! Practice!

Prior to taking the actual test, take a practice test. Ask someone to give you a writing prompt and sit down and write a 200 word essay, only giving yourself 45 minutes, as if you were taking the actual test. Practice tests are also available at local libraries and online. A copy of the GED Official Essay Scoring Rubric is available from the American Council on Education.

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