Case Study – Importance of Nutrition For Kids & Teens

Even the best chef can become overwhelmed trying to please fussy eaters. Mothers know it’s hard to please everyone at the dinner table, especially children. Kids can be the toughest food critics of all. In fact, small children may refuse to try a new food based solely on its appearance, smell or texture, never mind what it feels like sliding from the taste buds down into the tummy. Dinner time can become more like a "war zone" where parent battles the child who is rebelling; "I’m not eating this!"

Vegetables especially can be a hard sell. Vegetables are important for a child’s nutrition too because of the nutrients, vitamins and protein. So if you live with a reluctant vegetarian who stands about 3 feet and can repeat the word "YUCK" 6 times fast, using the intonation of a 6 foot tenor star, there is still no need to worry because there are several sources and creative ways to insure your child is getting enough protein.

First, learn the facts about the important role of protein in your child’s development. Teach your child the nutritional facts as well, so he/she will understand they need to take care of their important "machinery"that is growing daily and needs to take in the proper fuel. Over time, they will learn the importance of eating a healthy diet that includes vegetables. Be consistent and keep reminding them of the nutritional benefits of eating healthy foods.

So, What Are the Facts?

The family finally noticed when they rented a cabin for the week. After arguing and fighting with her to do so, Madison put on shorts and a tank top to come out by the water’s edge. Her parents were shocked by her appearance and took her to the doctor when they returned home.

While she promised to listen to her counselor and follow the plans that were set up for her by the doctor, Madison slipped up several times. However, after collapsing and being hospitalized with an irregular heartbeat, she is focusing on getting healthy and strong once again.

She eats small meals, each between 100 and 400 calories apiece, so that her body can get used to having food to process once again. One of the things she has added to her daily routine is a protein supplement called Profect, from Protica, which gives her 25 grams of protein per 100 calorie serving. She is slowly regaining some of the weight that she lost and will continue to see her counselor once a week until she gets to and maintains 100 pounds.

Madison no longer sits around and stares at the stick thin magazine models, choosing to find more positive role models in her life.

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