Case Study: How a Virtual Assistant Could Have Made One Marketer More Money

I’m not a virtual assistant. I’m not even using one…yet. But recently I had an experience that accentuated the value of hiring a VA. One of the information marketers I subscribe to had offered one of his products for free as a Thanksgiving gift. It was a subject that interested me so I signed up.

It was good information that I found helpful and I wanted to thank the marketer. I sent an email to the address at the bottom of the freebie page. Surprisingly, I received a message back within just a few minutes. It was an auto-response, which in itself is not a problem. It’s good to know that your message was received, even if they aren’t able to answer right away. As a networking expert, I know that building personal relationships is vital to long-term success. Auto-responders are great because they use technology to speed up communication and to provide frequently needed information.

After receiving the auto-response, I felt much less inclined to purchase a product from this marketer. The modest investment to hire a virtual assistant may have converted me – and perhaps many others – into a loyal customer instead of a faceless prospect. A virtual assistant is on my list, should it be on yours?

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