Anti Bark Collar Case Study

We keep a female field-type English Cocker Spaniel female. The subject of an anti-bark collar began to come up at about the one year mark with our pup. Only after many attempts to deal with the barking, we decided we needed some help.

Often barking is the result of some unfulfilled need in the dog. Lack of stimulation or too little interaction with people can lead to frustration and noise. However, some high energy dogs can hardly get enough attention to soak up all that energy.

At that point you need some way of communicating to the dog that only so much noise is tolerable. That’s where a bark training collar becomes a valuable tool.

The anti bark collar test was a success with our dog. It worked to communicate to our pup that a little noise is OK, but recreational barking won’t get it. Barking a lot gets you a puffy mist of oil around your head. It won’t hurt and it isn’t harmful, but it’s a somewhat shocking experience anyway. That discourages our dog from doing what obviously causes the shock and smell.

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