A Case Study of Offshore Software Development

In the case study of offshore software development we are going to analyze the success and failures of projects. This case study will help us to achieve our goals towards successful software development. Let us start with the case study considering four important variables which coordinate the offshore development process. They are standards, planning, mutual adjustment and team selection.

Good planning, clear deadlines, usage of collaboration and instant messaging tools, hard working and flexible team members only can ensure success. Uncertainties, poor management, improper communication and internal conflicts surely will lead to loss and failure.

Requirements managements, software product engineering, software configuration management, software product planning, training program, peer reviews and defect prevention are the key process areas to accomplish the technical and quality process in the offshore development.

Off all these facts and factors, communication and coordination between the customers and the vendors is the foremost factor that should prevail through out the life cycle of offshore software development life-cycle leading to successful development.

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