The Best Answers to College Essay Questions

The best answers to college essay questions make meaningful connections between personal experiences and personal qualities. In other words, they provide proof that you are the type of applicant you claim to be.

The first step is to perform a self-examination to find patterns that will help in writing your college essays. Look at a list of personal qualities college admissions officers look for in applicants. Things such as academic achievement, creativity, responsibility, maturity, integrity, initiative, leadership, confidence, etc. The list is longer than this but you get the idea. Think of all the qualities that colleges would look for in the ideal candidate.

Don’t worry about which ones you possess at this point just write down everything that comes to mind. Of course no candidate is perfect and no candidate will possess all of these qualities. That’s fine. The next step is to go through your list and put a checkmark by each of the ideal qualities that you possess in your estimation.

At this point, you should be realizing that you really do have a lot of personal experience that would make for a good college essay. That’s not unusual. Most students do have it in them to write a good college essay. Sometimes it just takes a little thinking and planning to stir the creative juices. It’s really just a matter of organizing your thoughts and planning how to best put your experiences in writing in the way that will most likely impress the college admissions officers.

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