The Branding of Kellogg’s Pop Tarts – The Saga Continues – Case Study

Recently, in the news Kellogg’s pulled the endorsement of Michael Phelps the world’s greatest swimmer in human history and eight time gold medal winner in one Olympic Games. Apparently, our society doesn’t tolerate certain things or at least Kellogg’s felt his behavior on one occasion was inconsistent with their corporate values.


Of course, we know that is nonsense, because Kellogg’s is not so much about values as it is selling its products. As folks line up with opinions on both sides of that controversy, which will soon be forgotten from our mass media news, Kellogg’s is off and running promoting their Pop Tarts brand in conjunction with an Indian Jones movie; Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls.


From a personal consumer standpoint; I was highly disappointed and did not like the taste, it was not what I expected, and thus, I now wonder if I can trust the consistency of Kellogg’s. I’d take them back, but I’d feel stupid in doing so, plus I already ate one package. This makes strike two with Kellogg’s in my opinion. First, for cutting their branding contract with Michael Phelps and two, for ruining my Pop Tart Experience, so if you are branding student, this case study I hope will make you think deeper.

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