Paranormal Case Study – Spontaneous Village Hibernation Caused by Aliens?

A lot of strange things happen in our world, some are explainable, and some are not. Often the explanations given don’t really seem to fit, you know, things like; "oh don’t worry, it was just a weather balloon," and other such excuses purported as explanations of what actually occurred. Of course, if one is to challenge paranormal activity, magic, or conspiracy theories one must also keep an open mind, albeit a skeptical one. Okay so, for this conspiratorial case study I would like to discuss the spontaneous mass hibernation of entire villages.

There have been several places in the world where entire villages of humans have gone into a deep sleep, seemingly dead, but they were still alive, and yet their bodies had slowed down to the point of almost being comatose. How could this happen, how could it happen all at once, and does the conspiracy theory that aliens came by and put them all the sleep, so that the humans wouldn’t see what they were doing make any sense whatsoever? Well, there might be an explanation, and I’d like to give you one plausibly deniable explanation for all this.

Could this happen to an entire village? Yes, it certainly could. There have also been instances where very large herds of animals have been thought to be dead, just lying there by the hundreds, and then the next day they all get up and leave. Was that really the work of aliens, or is it just the hydrogen sulfide that put them into a temporary hibernation state? Inquiring minds want to know, and skeptics dare to ask. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on.

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