Yard Signs Case Study: Martin Brothers Clothiers

Company Outline

Martin Brothers Clothiers is a high-end menswear store located in Meridian, Mississippi. Founded by Sterling and Barrett Martin in 2001, the retailer recently-relocated to a larger storefront in a busy new shopping center. Although most of Martin Brothers’ loyal clientele was happy to make the move to a bigger facility, the brothers did not see the growth in business that they expected by being in such a prime location. Business was consistent enough to make a profit, but not growing.

Sign Implementation

Using sophisticated CRM software which they had purchased the previous year, the store owners began contacting customers who had not made the move with them, inquiring why they hadn’t returned. They were surprised to find that many customers did not know that the company had moved, or at the very least they were unable to find the new store. Sterling and Barrett considered that many new customers might not have noticed their store either, as the storefront was a bit tricky to find, on the very end of the shopping center, on the backside of a major sporting goods store.

  • CRM software can be very helpful for maintaining a relationship with a customer. For a long-term business like menswear, it’s all about building a personal connection, so tracking your customer’s history and shopping patterns helps you market to them better.
  • Don’t assume anything in business, including that customers know where you are located. It’s always best to provide too much information than not enough. When all else fails, ask your customers-they’re the best source for marketing insight as they’re the end-user of your products and services.
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