College Admission Essay – A Benchmark

The strings of our views, values, beliefs and orientation are tied around our past experiences and future aspirations which caters as an important food for our present thought process. It is our way of thinking reflected through expression and behavior which determines our acceptance every where. During interactions be it casual or formal, we all try to gauge each other’s views to find out common grounds for discussion. In other words we might like to call it some sort of whetstone to check if the other person fits in the role expected as per our set benchmark.

College admission essays offers a similar platform to assess a candidate’s credentials for the requested curriculum since it offers an insight into the candidate’s vivid, compelling view and personal understanding of a particular topic. College admission essay plays a pivotal role in gauging candidate’s personality, his expectations and aspirations. In the college application arsenal, it serves as a strongest ammunition for him since if projected tactfully it serves dual purpose of not only highlighting eminent qualities through which his application stands tall over rest but also it helps college admission staff to match his skills, traits and qualities with the set benchmarks for admission in the requisite curriculum. Since instead of merely focusing on applicant’s academic achievements, it portraits his thought process which differentiates his application for the selection committee, it is crucial for us to ponder on few additional aspects associated with college admission essay.

College admission essay should project one main idea from beginning till end. The ability to highlight specific traits, breadth of knowledge, education, views and commitment towards the college is assessed through the essay so it shouldn’t be merely our resume.

Last but not the least proofreading the content at least twice would avoid grammatical or spelling mistakes apart from ensuring mastery of standard written English. Taking a feedback from someone on the essay can help us in further structuring it.

The college wants to gauge our power of persuasion, creativity, depth of knowledge, mastery of language and mental process so if we are specific, clear, honest and prove our point instead of exaggerating, it will leave a better impression on them.

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