Case Study; Mobile Oil Change Business in Houston is it Feasible with Traffic Congestion?

The Greater Houston Area is home to over 5.5 million Americans and there are 1.4 cars for every man, woman and child there. And yes they like their SUVs and Trucks too, as everything in Texas is big. Can a successful automotive service company launch a successful niche business like a Mobile Oil Change Service in the Greater Houston Area and make money?

Well of course we all know that success is a relative term and thus the question is difficult to answer. What we can agree on is that in a fast paced market like Houston, even a sub section of the city to launch such a business would not allow you to rest on your laurels.

One issue in Houston of course being the labor supply for qualified technicians during the hot summer months, as the quality labor gets kind of tight in certain times of the year. It is doable, just a little challenging getting going. These are things to think about and I hope you have enjoyed today’s case study. Think on it.

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