Tips for Writing a Literary Essay in 6th Grade

The best part of the Middle school learning is that the students are given a lot of assignments, which helps the student in understanding the concepts to a greater extent. Most of the assignments include literary essays and this serves as a straight forward process for the students. This is because by now they are totally aware of the five paragraph essay formats that help the child in understanding and reproducing the same in the form of an introduction paragraph, followed by three body paragraphs and finally a conclusion. Such essays need to normally range between one or two pages in length.

• Once you are done with the body paragraphs, you can write the conclusive paragraph. The conclusion has to be impressive and give an impression to the reader about the conclusion of the argument. The thesis has to be written in a precise and brief manner including the three important arguments specified in the body paragraphs. Never stretch the conclusion. Keep the conclusion as precise and clear as possible. The last sentence in the conclusion should be presented in a persuasive manner in relation to the gist of the essay and should also specify that the essay is ending.

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