A Case Study In The Endurance Of Love

Party A, and for anonymity let’s call her Amy, was going out with Party B, let’s call him Brian, for five years when they separated. In the following twelve years Brian married twice: the first wife died and the second wife and Brian separated after 3-4 years. Brian has 5 children; 3 from his first wife and 2 from the second. Brian and Amy have kept in contact with each other over all these years and circumstances prevented them from coming together until now.

Twelve years have now gone by. Amy has stayed single all along and now Brian has proposed to Amy. Amy is very unsure about this however says she still loves Brian even though he is twelve years older. Amy does not mention whether Brian has actually acknowledged his love for her.

My suggestion to you Amy would be that given you have already been apart for twelve years a little longer won’t hurt. You need to really be sure in your mind and in your heart that Brian is making this proposal for all the right reasons and that your acceptance would also be for all the right reasons.

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