What is My Essay Title Question Asking Me?

In this the latest extract from the textbook that I wrote to help students like you, ‘The Secret Guide To Academic Writing & Study’ seeks to consider the significance of the essay title and the question you have been set for the purposes of writing your essay. This is because it is vital before you write your essay for the sake of developing excellent essay technique to look to decide what the question you have been set means and how you should go about answering it.

Therefore, you need to be aware that there are many different kinds of questions you can be set as your essay title for the purposes of your assessments in whatever subject you are studying and so some of the most typical questions for any essay title include –

(d)"What" or "Why" – usually requires you to state the factors or concepts (occasionally also the chronology leading) to an event, but it is not enough to simply state these things in a list. Therefore, you must ‘evaluate’ ‘how’ these factors have led to the event in question that may also involve an element of ‘compare and contrast’.

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