APA Essay Format

The main motive behind the APA style essay is to provide a structure and also to give a logical formation of ideas throughout the essay. There are different ways to present the essay in the APA format. The main concern is the referencing aspect, because most writers forget to follow the basic principles of referencing. Each set of quotations, summary, paraphrase must be referenced, if applicable. The author names along with the year should be mentioned. The year is generally included in a parenthesis. Page numbers are similarly included in parenthesis. If the writer uses a quote more than 40 words, then it must be indented 5 spaces from the margin and written in double space. Do not use any sort of quotation mark, rather end the part with a stop. After the block of writing include the citation without any period.

The APA essay format is not complicated as thought by many. It just needs to be followed carefully with proper mention of the citations and references. Headers and title page is also given importance in the APA format of writing essay. The pagination must be done correctly with the title page at the beginning, the abstract on the next page and the main essay should start from the third page onwards. Systematic way of writing is required in this format of essay writing.

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